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Label Spirit Simple

Label Spirit is a professional barcode label software for all your labeling and printing needs
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2 February 2010

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This is a bar code label maker and printer tool.

Label Spirit is a barcode label maker software. It can help make labels for a range of use such as inventory control, shipping labels etc. software for all your labeling and printing needs. It is a less expensive solution to using label printers. This software uses ordinary laser and inkjet printers. Labels created with the software can combine text, shapes and images to create the label you need. You have the full capability to move, resize these objects and place them the way you want them. If you are out to get a series of labels made you would be able to use functions and variable to automatically generate a sequence. Data from different sources can be combined and you could use math, string and logical operations to generate these sequences. The ADO or the ODBC connection lets you import data from databases too.

The design tool gives you a WYSIWYG look at the final label you are going to get out of the tool. But what really distinguishes this software package from many other are the ways you can get data from many sources including database and the sophisticated way you can combine them to create what you need. A range of templates will be able to get you a quick start. The interface is easy to use and helps you along. Without investing much in training you would be able to get new employees productive easily. The ability to get labels printed through ordinary everyday printer is useful. This package is an excellent package amongst the many you see come and go in the market place.

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Label Spirit is a professional barcode label software for all your labeling and printing needs. It provides a wide variety of powerful, yet easy to use tools. You can create any size label with text, shapes and images, etc. You can also move, resize and modifying objects on labels. The data sheet lets you generate sequences of data freely. Further more, Label Spirit support variable and functions, you can combine data from many different sources and set up advanced math, string, and logical functions.
Label Spirit Simple
Label Spirit Simple
Version 5.0.5
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